My artwork aims to transform salvation into art and discuss its methods and effects.


Background and Theme of My Artwork
The background is that, as a fortune teller, I receive consultations from people in contemporary society who are troubled, anxious, and suffering. Many people are seeking “salvation” from their current worries and suffering rather than just “hope for the future.”
The theme is to support the salvation of people who are troubled and suffering, both through words as a fortune teller and through artwork as an artist. In
response to this theme, I have developed my own artistic approach.
The technique combines action painting and sparse painting.
Action painting is characterized by impulsive brushwork, while sparse painting features sparse and diluted expressions.
By combining these techniques, I intend to unfold the silence within the passion on the canvas and evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity in the viewer.



I emphasize the traces of manual work and physicality.
By directly touching the paint with my fingertips, I engage in a dialogue with the paint. The brushwork is dynamic, with unevenness, bleeding, the blending
of paints, and the natural emergence of texture and resistance, finding beauty in the complexity of color gradients and touch. I paint using action painting,
which allows for a deep connection to the artwork.



In terms of composition, I incorporate principles of minimalism such as the utilization of space, color restrictions, and simplicity. Within the strong expression of emotions such as worries, anxieties, and suffering in action painting, I intentionally create overlapping gaps and spaces to create a screen
with a sense of roughness and density.
From this space, I express tranquility and serenity, leading to salvation.
This sense of tranquility and serenity is expressed by applying elements of “wabi-sabi,” which I have borrowed from Japanese tea ceremony culture.


My technique is an evolution of sparse painting, which can be considered as one of the traditions leading from modern painting to abstract painting. It aims to strengthen traditional techniques by directly approaching the psyche through visual expression.


Effect: By overlaying the (dynamic) of action painting with the (static) of sparse painting, I can achieve an effect that visually and emotionally emphasizes the layered stillness.

Art Concept

Concept of the artwork: I work as both a painter and a fortune teller. Through my work in fortune telling, I have expressed the “salvation” provided through words to those who are contemplating suicide or struggling with the anxieties, fears, and pains of modern society, as well as the concerns of the LGBT community, through art.